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Our Studio offers 2 different Yoga class experiences; the "full class" and the "express class"

Our full classes are over 1 hour in length and are a more traditional length of time to devote to Yoga practice. We dedicate time for Pranayama or "breath work" at the beginning of class followed by Yoga postures and concluded with Savasana or "relaxation rebalancing time" The cost for a full class is $14

Our express classes are just under 1 hour and are designed for busy practitioners or specialized classes such as Gentle Yoga or Meditation. Within that time frame we devote the same basic class structure as a full class but with shortened periods of focus. We still open class with breathwork and end with relaxation.

The cost for an express class is $7

Save with class packages!

Purchase a 10 full class pack for $120 and save $20!!


Purchase a 10 express class pack for $60 and save $10!!

*packages expire after 3 months

**packages apply to one client


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